Eric Egli
The Art of Flight I is part one of an ongoing project that steps up my current drone game.
Here's some additional B-Roll footage. I really need to mount a Cineflex on that Eurocopter EC 120 next time I'm flying. Stay tuned!

Locations: Mollis – Sattelegg Sihlsee – Schwyz – Altdorf – Klausenpass – Hüfifirn – Spitzmeilen – Flums – Weesen – Mollis. Switzerland. Approximate flight route can be seen here
Taken: September 2016
Gear: Canon 6D & 5D Mark II | Canon 24-35mm f/4, Canon 70-200mm f/2.8

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No Shrooms Involved is an experimental documentation of the annual "Zauberwald" /Magic Forest" that takes place in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. For 10 days in December, the ordinary "Squirrel Forest" transforms into a world of color and crazy installations. Really, no shrooms involved!

Location: Lenzerheide. Switzerland
Taken: December 2015
Gear: Canon 6D | Canon 16-35mm f/2.8

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Donuts! is a collaborative project with designer Adrian Bieri for his latest streetwear collection. Shop here!
Update as per May 2016: The initial brand name Dopamin Experimental has been changed to Track13!

Location: Local fire department training facility
Taken: September 2015
Gear: Canon 6D & 60D | Various Canon prime / zoom lenses

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Lisbon 11|4 features 11 x 4 photos with an aspect ratio of 11/4. The 44 images give an impresson of the Portuguese life around Sagres, the most southwestern location in continental Europe. From cats under cars, faraway structures out in the ocean to a vivid nightlife. Portugal's got it all.

Location: Lisbon, Albufeira & surroundings. Portugal
Taken: August 2014
Gear: Canon 6D & 5D Mark II | Various Canon prime / zoom lenses

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