Eric Egli

Eric Egli

I like cameras. And skiing, surfing, diving and hockey. You can tell my favorite element.

Back in 2009, I first picked up my mom's old Canon 350D. I was hooked. That camera has turned into a 6D as well as a 5D Mk II today. I shoot with a number of Canon prime and zoom lenses and use the Adobe Creative Suite combined with a number of third-party tools for work.

Currently working for Ringier, Sony and Zürcher Oberländer Medien. Studying at University of Zurich where I am looking to finish my Master's degree in business administration in around three years.

I mainly shoot documentary, landscape, industrial and people. Besides photography, I also offer production and editing for film. Since summer 2016, I've had the pleasure of many successful collaborations with Cine Zerbato.

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